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ISBN Things go from bad to worse as Joey tries to comfort his mom. She winds up checking herself into a hospital for depression, leaving middle-schooler Joey to care for his baby brother.

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Joey takes responsibility for his condition, as well as challenges his father to do the same. Readers who have read the previous books and come to know and love Joey will appreciate the irony and emotional punch of his final triumph. Hagen, George. ISBN ; ebk. LC Gr —Gabriel Finley loves riddles. His father taught him one every day; every day, that is, until he disappeared. Ravens also love riddles. They use riddles to distinguish themselves from valravens—evil birds who never laugh, who eat human flesh, and who turned humankind away from friendship with ravens.

Soon after, Gabriel rescues a baby raven and discovers that he, too, is an amicus. The titular character, along with Paladin; Septimus, a former inmate who knows his father; and three school friends, sets out to rescue of his father and, in essence, save the world. Hagen has crafted a tale that contains riddles, magic, courage, loyalty, and compassion in a way that is sure to engage readers. Gabriel inhabits a dark world where friendship is the guiding light and differences are respected and valued. Rex, Adam. Smek for President!

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Rex is a comic genius who has created a laugh- and groan-out-loud novel filled with spaceship chases, bubbling billboards, villainous villains, and reluctant heroes to say nothing of rousing games of Stickyfish and the obligatory garbage pit. Hilarious cartoons will please graphic novel aficionados. The Map to Everywhere. Little, Brown. Gr —Fin is so forgettable, no one can remember him for more than a few minutes. Fin uses his curse to his benefit by becoming a master thief. When he receives a letter directing him to steal a key in exchange for treasures and a promise to show him the way home, he accidentally releases the Oracle, an insane wizard who had been carefully guarded for centuries.

Meanwhile in another world, adventurous Marrill, stuck in suburban Arizona, finds an enormous ship in a parking lot. The task becomes further complicated when they realize the Oracle is also after the map. When the plots merge, the pacing picks up, mirroring the urgency of the characters, though readers may wish for more time to digest and appreciate the various worlds before racing on to the next. This is an ambitious undertaking, and strong readers who enjoy adventure fiction and fantasy will inhale the first book in what has the potential to be an extraordinary series. Tripp, Ben. The Accidental Highwayman.

Tor Teen. Orphan and trick rider, Kit works for James Rattle, whose mysterious nocturnal activities lead to a bloody death. Humorous mayhem ensues. Informative footnotes occasionally pull readers out of the story, though they dwindle as the story progresses.

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A first purchase for all fantasy collections. Arbuthnott, Gill. Bass, Patrick Henry. The Zero Degree Zombie Zone. ISBN ; pap. Beha, Eileen. The Secrets of Eastcliff-by-the-Sea.

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Bergin, Virginia. Sourcebooks Fire. The Iron Trial. Magisterium: Bk. Blair, Kelsey. Pick and Roll. Boateng, Johnny.

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Forsyth, Christine A. Power Hitter. Lorimer Sports Stories. Booth, Coe. Kinda Like Brothers. Brahmachari, Sita. Jasmine Skies.

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Albert Whitman. Just a Drop of Water.

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Sky Pony. Dallas, Sandra. Sleeping Bear. Demas, Corinne. Returning to Shore. Carolrhoda Lab. Dowding, Philippa. Jake and the Giant Hand. Weird Stories Gone Wrong: Bk. Ellis, Deborah. The Cat at the Wall. Erskine, Kathryn. The Badger Knight. Farrey, Brian.

The Grimjinx Rebellion. The Vengekeep Prophecies: Bk. Flake, Sharon. Unstoppable Octobia May. The Illuminated Forest. Exit Studio. Frederick, Heather Vogel. Absolutely Truly. Pumpkin Falls Mystery: Bk. Freeman, Martha. The Orphan and the Mouse. Holiday House. Grey, C. The stories in this book are all short.

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Some of them are pretty funny, some awfully serious, some upbeat and adventurous, while still others are quite sad. There's humor, romance, heartbreak, suspense, and even some career advice. Child upbringing is a world challenge. The ever-changing international interactions have made it a household subject. It needs concerted efforts to come up with loving, peaceful, and developed international communities. Parents, communities, religions, governments, and international organizations are duty-bound. Comparative steps bei You're knocking and I open the door. An amazing peace overtakes me.

I want everyone to know that You are not only my Savior, but You're my best friend. Because of You I live with joy in my heart. For the person choosing this book I lift you up to our dear Lord, and pray His Holy Spirit work in you, through you, and for you.