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But no: " Dear paediatrician, please see this child. The parents want to see a specialist because that is what you do in Italy. So take it as a huge sacrifice, made only to save my English friends from the pain in the ass that is Google translator and so that they can make sure that I am not gossiping about them. Mia fighting with a doll in the playroom.

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Zadie Smith On Beauty. I medici di base inglesi ci hanno ucciso di Paracetamolo e hanno anche iniziato a prenderci per il culo. Qualunque siano i sintomi la visita dal GP si conclude con le seguenti opzioni: tenga la temperatura bassa con del Paracetamolo. Ma un antibiotico no eh? Ma bronchite? Voi questi nomi qui non ce li avete eh? E comunque il Paracetamolo ci sta sempre bene.

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Ma un aerosol no eh? Whatever the symptoms are, each visit to the GP ends with the following options: Keep the temperature low with the Paracetamol. What about antibiotics, no huh? Could be a "chest infection", meanwhile take the Paracetamol. Run a hot bath. Ogni volta che sento il coro della curva dedicato a me, mi emoziono. E' una cosa speciale". Tutti mi dicono che quest'anno gli avversari conoscono il mio modo di giocare e hanno preso le contromisure. Io non sono in crisi, anzi credo di essere vicino al top.

Il talento brasiliano torna sui falli commessi dai giocatori dell'Inter su di lui che sono valsi quattro gialli a quattro componenti della rosa Materazzi, Cambiasso, Cordoba e Favalli e afferma: "Magari avesse fatto due falli pesanti lo stesso giocatore. Al mattino quando mi sveglio sono contento di andare a Milanello e di pensare alla squadra. A Donetsk abbiamo vinto una partita molto importante.

Ringrazio anche tutti gli altri compagni per le belle parole e gli incoraggiamenti. Ringrazio, ma sono tranquillo. Non sono per nulla preoccupato per il fatto che non segno. L'anno scorso ho rotto il ghiaccio nel derby e se per caso quest'anno dovesse essere destino ancora di aspettare il derby per ricominciare a segnare, magari un paio di gol, non sarebbe per nulla un problema. Il Milan vince la Supercoppa Italiana 21 agosto - Il Milan si aggiudiuca il primo trofeo stagionale battendo la Lazio con tripletta di Shevchenko. Un anno fa quando sono arrivato nel vostro Paese volevo a tutti i costi dimostrare che potevo giocare in Italia.

Adesso, dopo una bella stagione, ho il dovere di confermarmi. Io e Rui? Partiamo alla pari. Io vi rispondo che ho intenzione di fare ancora meglio della stagione passata.

Ogni volta che vedo le foto dei miei compagni a Manchester sui muri di Milanello provo un pizzico di invidia. E' a po' like the world-wide ones of club that they will make between some month in Japan. This year I can be still consoled winning with the national one. And then the disappointments go exceeded. I am calm, am well, I do not have no sense of stress or refusal. With the Milan we have been strong until the end of the season and it we will be still ". End Champions League: Liverpool-Milan to the 25 rigors May the - Istanbul - Milan comes defeated in the end of Champions League from the Liverpool for after the penalty kicks.

I hope to gain why I want it anch', like Paul, to enter in the history of the Milan ". To lose one separated therefore gives annoyance for as it has been played, but can happen. We have still three left in championship and think next to those, all can happen. We have experience players who are accustom to think contest to you for contest. Before Istanbul there is still the championship. The Juve has been good to defend: they have had an opportunity and they have taken advantage of it, we not. Both the squares have played a beautiful game, solo that they have realized in goal and we not are resolutions.

I had said that the winning today it made a step in ahead. Therefore it is for the Juve, but this does not mean that for the badge it is ended ". I feel myself well to be and I want to be decisive for this end of season, this evening we have suffered, the adversary has put to us in great difficulty but to the end we have centered the objective. In the last month we have played many difficult contests and the fatigue sure has been made to feel ".

The day that... shit, Zadie Smith!

E' be an instinct blow, but I have made it with tip of the foot towards the only point in which I could address the ball. I try always the goal, but not always there is the just occasion. And as always the important is the result, knowledge of being useful to the square. There is still a great margin of improvement, in this Milan, and there is still a last release to make, in order to arrive in bottom to all the competitions, continuing on the road that we are covering: creed that of it is worth indeed the pain ".

That emotion! We have played well, with the just attitude, arrives the end of the season and we want to give the maximum. We have made many goals today, approffittando to the maximum of the many had occasions. But I say that the square is from a po' that she plays very well, also to Siena, in spite of the defeat, or against the Chievo, even if has only gained with one net. We train ourselves little, but we know ourselves well, this group plays with from a lot and this is an advantage when you come down in every field three days ". But we will not underrate the return, also why after what it has happened to the Coruna we have learned and we do not want to commit the errors of the past.

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The past year has been to inexplicable game, to demonstration that all can succerede in soccer. Hour creed is the maturity necessary in order not to commit errors ". It has been too much fight and little game. In according to time instead we are resolutions to hold more the ball and the things have been easier above all for me, Clarence and Sheva ". The last words of Ricky are just for Sheva: "They are content that is returned and it has made it the large one, it lacked to us".

The fifth goal and the title it of capocannoniere are others turn out important to you for me ". Wonderful E' that my net is been worth the three points, in this beautiful contest but a lot hard, laborious, the Samp has played a great game, is a square whom it knows to defend and to attack.

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But also we. Ce we have made it and we are happiest.

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  8. My goal is important, can return to happy house. We hope after this evening of being first alone The square today has been best, wants to make compliments to all my companions. And to Andrea, its assist has been perfect. Hernan tuesday has made a head goal, today I. I have learned from he! My gas-bag? I have seen Antonioli outside from the poles, would have been a beautiful goal. But it counts alone to have won ". To gain a derby is always one greatest emotion. I have thought a lot to Sheva, he lacks to us very. This evening has not been easy to play, the Inter has played much good, we has been fortunate but also this is positive.

    In the action of the goal I have seen to leave the shooting of Rino, I have had a little fear why if you had hit the ball strongly the trajectory could change. In the first time we have had some difficulty in finding the spaces, but then we have found the way of the goal.

    In the outline to fir I try the passagio mostly lateral, with two tips I try to verticalizzare more but I find myself well ovunque, to play in this Milan is indeed beautiful ". I want also to mark in next the two challenges that we will play, with Manchester and Inter, inasmuch as I have made some net in less regarding the past ". The prizes have been assign thanks to the ballots of the players of the Italian Championship of Series To. I admit it are felt to me ill-fated, but although this, the tifosi me have been near, have always urged to me, have sung my chorus.

    A lot has helped me and for this I have esultato towards of they after my goal. To the end my confidence has been repaid and ce I have made it to mark. They are much content.

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    We have always held under control the contest, we have played with attention. I feel myself well, now feel myself more mature, have learned many things, I have grown and hour I put in practical which I want to make ". Hour but will begin a new year and we must prepare to us to face it with the just spirit and the objective to catch up and to exceed the Juve. Then slowly slowly we will think also next to the fascinating challenge against the Manchester.

    It will be an other important year. I hold to make the sincerest auguries to all the tifosi to us of the Milan of good year and good festivities, I hope to see them to the stage soon. I have a large one wants to play, aspect all the rossoneri to Saint Siro to the resumption against the C lecce ". E' be a magical evening this, I feel to be better and moreover also I have marked. Always they have been calm in this period, the beautifulr thing is that all have given a bag to me of councils, me have been all neighbors.