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Boock says he first tried using wood and Slinkies. His tremolo piece works by hooking up an instrument input to a red speaker that spins like a weathervane.

As it spins in circles, our ears hear the sound take on a pulsating effect because of the fluctuating volume levels. It's the same effect speaker builder Donald Leslie pioneered in the s. The voice modulation design shows a speaker sitting inside an airtight cylinder with a tube snaking out of it. The sound is channeled through the tube and into the musician's mouth. The last piece, the tape delay machine, creates an effect by recording music, then playing it back on multiple tape heads at slightly different times—a trick guitarists and others have been using since the s.


Collected Contraptions

When presented as physical objects, the audio effects almost become graspable—or at least, you can actually see where the sound is coming from. Plus, he adds, these look way cooler on stage than a laptop.


James Boock's Sound Revival project gives sound effects a visual identity. His reverb piece uses a metal frame and springs to create a vibrating sound. View Comments.


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The device, called System , sailed under the Golden Gate bridge yesterday in the hope it will help collect rubbish from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch which is thought to be the size of Texas. A giant foot long contraption to clean up plastic from the Pacific ocean was launched off the coast of San Francisco yesterday.

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Dubbed System , this giant sea sieve is the brainchild of a Dutch college drop-out who began working on his invention aged 18, five years ago. Boyan Slat has been obsessed with clearing plastic from the sea since a childhood holiday in Greece where he was disgusted with plastic waste in the water and vowed to devote his life to clearing it up.

Back home in the Netherlands, he quit his aerospace engineering studies at the Delft University of Technology and founded the nonprofit Ocean Cleanup, where he is now CEO with a staff of 65 engineers and scientists. His ungainly device sailed under the Golden Gate bridge yesterday in the hope it will help collect rubbish fromthe Great Pacific Garbage Patch which is thought to be the size of Texas. He has won accolades from the King of Norway, a top environmental award from the United Nations, and his name appears on various lists, including one by Forbes magazine, of rising young entrepreneurial leaders.

The system moves more slowly than the water, allowing the currents and waves to push trash into its centre to collect it.

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Floating particles are captured by the net while the push of water against the net propels fish and other marine life under and beyond. The system is fitted with solar-powered lights and anti-collision systems to keep any stray ships from running into it, along with cameras, sensors and satellites that allow it to communicate with its creators. For the most part the system will operate on its own, though a few engineers will remain on a nearby ship to observe.

Periodically a garbage ship will be sent out to scoop up the collected trash and transport it to shore, where it will be recycled. By Karen Rockett. Get the biggest daily news stories by email Subscribe We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice.

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