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Depression experts come to campus

The Christian God is understood as the creator of the world, who created spirits to help govern humanity and the natural world. Vodou priestess: 'We need to be respected' We humans are simply spirits who inhabit the visible world in a physical body. The ancestors are also part of that spirit world, and can guide their children through dreams and signs.

All these spirits dwell in a mythic land called Ginen, a cosmic Africa. Historically, Vodou has been an emancipatory faith that enslaved people turned to when they were brutalized. For that reason, French slave owners considered Vodou a threat and that is why it has been grossly misrepresented by white colonists and Haitian political and spiritual leaders alike. Is it spelled Voodoo or Vodou? Vodou is the proper spelling of Haiti's traditional religious and healing system. Indeed, Vodou spirits inspired the revolution against Haiti's French colonizers more than years ago that established Haiti as the second independent nation in the Americas after the United States -- and the first to abolish slavery.

It was during a religious and political gathering that enslaved Africans and Creoles mounted an insurrection against plantation owners in August At this clandestine ceremony, a leader named Dutty Boukman led an oath to fight for freedom. A priestess named Cecile Fatiman consecrated the vow when she asked the African ancestral spirits for protection during the upcoming battle. Two weeks later, the rebels set plantations ablaze and poisoned drinking wells, kicking off the revolution. Panicked slave owners throughout the Americas reacted by clamping down with extra force on all African-based religious practices.

They circulated stories that linked the religion with blood and violence, images that endure to this day. The spine may show signs of wear. Pages can include limited notes and highlighting, and the copy can include previous owner inscriptions. Condition: UsedAcceptable.

John Lewis illustrator. Gregory Knopf; M. Gregory Knopf ; M. This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title A book which discusses the medical aspects of depression and explores the underlying theory and the practical use of antidepressants. About the Author : Gregory Knopf, M. Buy Used View Book.

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Customers who bought this item also bought. No, it makes me a human person with huge real life situations and some disequilibrious brain chemistry. Sadly it is harder to open up to other Christians, and people who don't share our faith are often nicer to us. Praise God for compassionate atheists!!

I imagine that if I were to speak to Jesus about this in person, rather than in prayer, he'd be a lot more like Geoff and Rodentdron than many of the people I avoid over coffee on a Sunday morning. That's why I avoid them, and I'm actually at a different church now. As an "outed" Christian not GLBTI but GAD, not making fun of same-sex at all but I do feel "looked at" in ways I didn't when no-one knew I was "mental" I do still believe in prayer, and I haven't dismissed the idea of personal evil in the spiritual world, but my advice is always to go to a GP and then on to a Psych and a Pharmacist if that is what the GP says.

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I'm also a huge fan of beyondblue of course and like to direct people to information here. Our faith is a great source of strength, no-one must be allowed to take that from us. Our churches should be a great source of support, and at the moment that's what my "soap-box" is I am a born again Christian and I hear what you are saying!

I don't open up to just anyone that I feel depressed but my close friends know and they are Christian. I have had some unhelpful comments definately but for the most part I am lucky I guess to some extent that the church i go to recognizes illnesses like this and my friends are empathetic. Even if they don't all understand. I wish my hubby would understand more!! Some have gone through it themselves, are trained professionals or have some grasp on healing or have some sort of understanding in small or large. All have compassion but some understand, I mean like the Pastor the other day was speaking about something and he said " I am not talking to people who suffer from depression as I know how hard that is cause I too suffered from it for many years " and I guess that's the thing.

Those that have suffered with it understand and those that have a "healing ministry" or are professionally trained or have empathy also but not everyone. I dont share on FB either cause I dont want every Tom dick and harry putting their two bits in cause sometimes their two bits worth is really unhelpful!!

Demystifying PTSD {Transcript}

I am aware that we live in a spiritual world. I've experienced it and sometimes As Faith was mentioning they feel like an evil spirit has possessed their soul deliverance or exorcism haha! I also realize that some things can be situational or chemical. I feel like mine is situational. Unfortunately the spiritual realm can latch onto that the little suckers!! That's why I guess I feel its a wise thing not to tell just anyone no mater what their faith is. It's nice to meet someone of the same faith that is going through this as you know you are not the only one walking into church or any happy atmosphere for that matter and having to put on an everything is fine face!!

Are there any of your Christian friends you can be real with? So nice to meet you :. Unfortunately there isn't private messaging on this forum, and our guidelines don't allow the sharing of personal contact information. However, if you check out the beyondblue facebook page, you can find other users who are also using facebook. Welcome to the forum- we hope to keep hearing from you! Prefer not to go on FB as it likes to update everyone what you have been up too but thanks for letting me know :. I have no argument for anybody that has had a religious upbringing or by having any mythological or spiritual belief, that's their choice, and that's their entitlement, and because I don't have any beliefs, I am not going to argue, that's not my place to do so on this site.

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It helps enormously if the person you talk to, and the list of professionals is never ending, but if they have actually gone through depression themselves, they then understand the strain, withdrawal, hibernation and break down of any relationship that this illness inflicts upon us.

My psychologist of 20 years had depression and I asked her how she overcome it and she said her kids pulled her through, so could read my mind perfectly, and that's why I kept on seeing her for this long period.

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My GP also had depression and now his son is struggling with it, and again he knows how I feel, and has said to me to ring him anytime I need to see him. I am interested in ' I have had prayer and instantly been healed of some things', if you want to share with us. I am so sorry for the pain you have gone through. I have been through a period of depression and lost a younger brother to suicide. He was diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder a year before he ended his life 15 years ago. It was after this that I started to search for answers, how could a loving God who I believe is all powerful and all knowing allow this?

I am quite certain that my younger brother was in so much pain without the help he needed that God just allowed him to come home where there is no more sorrow or tears. It saddens me, though, that so few in the church really do understand and know how to help. Jesus said that He came to heal the broken-hearted. This includes those with depression. I have found so much help and comfort through the Bible and the love of God. God has healed me as I have sought Him, prayed, and searched His word. Each of us in individual and unique. But as a Christian, I believe what God's word says. That we are deeply loved by Him. I pray that you will find your answers within God's word and experience the kind of healing available through the love of God and comfort of the Holy Spirit.

Hi Fly Away Bird, there have been some really helpful comments posted on here. That's not to say that he was suffering with clinical depression but that he was emotionally affected by his circumstances.

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He also wept over the death of Lazarus. So if Jesus suffered with sadness than I can't see how it is wrong for Christians to and a sign of a lack of faith or something. I think part of the problem with modern Christianity is the healing ministeries that have become a major feature of many churches and which you've mentioned. You get prayed over and whatever you're suffering with is meant to be healed. And if not It is such a dangerous belief for people with mental illness.

De-Mystifying Emotional Pain

You may be able to find someone through one of the Christian radio stations. You're really brave to come on here because Christians these days can get a lot of criticism and intolerance.

God's To-Do List for Depression

I wish you well and hope you get the support you need, because I understand how lonely it can be not having a sense of belonging anywhere. It was devastating and took me a long time to get over it.