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By this practice Our Lord gave her to understand that she should bear Him company as if she had been in the Garden of Sorrows when the apostles fell asleep through weariness, and that, whilst thus sweetening for Him some of the bitterness which their conduct had caused in His Heart she should also implore mercy for sinners. On several occasions Our Lord condescended to make this elect spouse sympathize in His sorrows, not merely by bringing before her mind, in the form of a mental contemplation, the recollection of what He had undergone, but by so uniting her with Himself and the scenes of His suffering life, that, by a kind of mysterious intercommunion, she became, to adopt St.

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Peter's expression, a real partaker in the sufferings of Christ 1 Peter iv. The Crucified drew her so closely to Him that His thorns, spear, and nails entered mystically into her own being; she lived, in some sense, which it is beyond the power of human language to explain, the life of the Man-God, as He Himself declared that she should; and not only did she undergo something akin to His pain, but again and again, when He was offended by the sins of others, she was told to appease His anger by suffering with Him, and at the same time by offering up those pains of her own as a mode of intercession for them.

Incidents and revelations of this kind in the life of Blessed Margaret are a luminous commentary upon those deep words of St. Hell itself is not more dreadful than a heart deprived of the love of my beloved. It is a matter of faith, the denial of which would be heresy, that Christ's sufferings were more than sufficient to redeem the world and atone for every sin that has been or could be committed by man.

But it is no less true that Christ, in His own infinite wisdom, makes the application of this redemption and the gift of many graces to individuals dependent upon certain conditions. As incorporation into His Church, faith, hope, charity, prayers, obedience, and sacraments are undoubtedly necessary in order that we may share in the fruits of Christ's meritorious works, so also He makes suffering a means of this participation.

If Christ is induced to grant many mercies for others if we pray for them, which He would not have conceded without our prayers, it is not difficult to understand that He may also lay crosses on some members of His Church, in order that He may, in return for that penance, bestow unmerited favors upon others. When Saul persecuted the Christians, He did not, says St.

And the holier His children are, the more frequently and deeply He invites them to help their brethren by enduring hard sacrifices for their sakes: thus they, like Him, become poor, that others through their poverty may become rich. Those who regard the redemption of man by Christ as a merely outward payment by Him of a debt due from guilty sinners to God, also regard the pardon of man and the relation that has been established between Christ and him as entirely external.

The Christian is said by St. Paul [Col. What Catholic language can go beyond these words?

Epistle: I John 3:1-3 (All Saints Sunday: Series C)

This is the true Gospel, and they who believe it recognize the sacred value of the actions and sufferings of those who are vitally united in Jesus Christ. Any other Christianity is a human fiction and not a divine reality. In further illustration of the peculiar expiatory office which Our Lord frequently charged our saint to fulfil in behalf of others, we may here mention that she suffered in an especial manner during every carnival, on account of the excesses that were then committed; her mental anguish caused always a severe bodily illness; but as soon as Ash Wednesday came, she was well and cheerful.

You must be logged in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Go Here! Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque, Virgin. Twitter 0. Pinterest 0. Saint Margaret Mary died at the age of forty-two years, on October 17, , and everywhere was heard in the city: The Saint is dead! The Saint is dead! When her tomb was canonically opened in July, , two instantaneous cures took place.

Her body rests under the altar in the chapel at Paray, and many striking favours have been obtained by pilgrims attracted thither from all parts of the world. No other copying or use is permitted without written agreement from the author.

The Devils Mercy - Spiritual Reflections

No Comments. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Ok No. Original content here is published under these license terms:. License Type:. Pray for me, that I may seek only the path of holiness God has laid out before me. May I become a great saint and rejoice in that fact forever in Heaven. She discovered that part of her was attracted to all this attention and that many people seemed to live for this form of charm that the world offers.

At ten years of age the heart is easily fascinated, and I confess that in my case this kind of life had its charms. The compliments, small talk, pleasures, worldly esteem and earthly successes were superficial and deceptive when made an end in themselves. Moreover, advertisements, TV shows and other forms of communication today present to us subtle but very influential images of what true happiness is all about. It is difficult to remain free of these many influences and charms and to keep our eyes on the true joys given to us by God.

Ponder your desires and attraction to worldly success, praise, admiration and the like. If you are successful, praised or admired in the world, this is fine.

Saint Faustina and the Conversion of Sinners

Seek the joys and rewards of Heaven alone. Making this choice is a choice you will never regret. You did not allow yourself to become seduced by the passing pleasures of this world, choosing instead the pleasures that were eternal.

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Pray for me, that I may also keep my eyes on the one joy that matters in life. May I do the will of God in all things and find joy in this alone. She had hoped to receive it a year earlier but missed the age requirement by only a few days. She sought a dispensation but was not able to receive it. So she waited. Her preparation became a mission engaged in by her whole family, especially her sisters Pauline and Marie. Her preparations were lovingly recorded in many letters written during those three months, especially letters written by her second mother, Pauline, who was now Sister Agnes of Jesus.

I shall always remember my First Communion Day as one of unclouded happiness. It seems to me that I could not have been better prepared. Do you remember, dear Mother, the charming little book you gave me three months before the great day? I found in it a helpful method which prepared me gradually and thoroughly. Every evening I spent a long time with her, listening eagerly to all she said. How delightfully she talked to me!

I felt myself set on fire by her noble, generous spirit. Her preparation paid off and her First Communion day was one filled with the greatest blessings.

Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque, Virgin - Regina Magazine

Did you feel well-prepared to receive him? What was special about that day? Preparation for First Communion is really preparation for every Communion we receive. Our preparation must be ongoing.

Ponder the question from this perspective: How well do you prepare your soul for the ongoing gift of Jesus in this glorious Sacrament? Do you regularly ponder the reality of God coming to you in this hidden, mysterious and profound way? Do you pray, meditate, make sacrifices and confess your sins regularly so that every Communion you receive is as if it were your first?

Never cease preparing yourself for this glorious gift and do not fail to understand its importance. You opened yourself to the many lessons your sisters taught you so that you could become a suitable dwelling place of your little Jesus. Pray for me, that I may continually prepare my soul for this precious gift every time I attend Mass and receive Holy Communion. May I imitate your preparedness and receive the same transforming graces you received. She spent the last few days at an abbey for retreat and continued her loving preparation. She received final instructions, listened attentively to the lessons taught by the priest, and prayed fervently as the great day arrived. At last there dawned the most beautiful day of all the days of my life. How perfectly I remember even the smallest details of those sacred hours! How sweet was the first embrace of Jesus! It was indeed an embrace of love.

We were no longer two. As she cried, her friends did not understand. They did not realize how deeply she and her little Jesus loved each other and how deeply He transformed her precious soul. Night came, and so ended that beautiful day. Even the brightest days are followed by darkness; one alone will know no setting, the day of the First and Eternal Communion in our true Home. Somehow the next day seemed sorrowful.

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The pretty clothes and the presents I had received could not satisfy me. Henceforth Our Lord alone could fill my heart, and all I longed for was the blissful moment when I should receive Him again. How deeply have you entered into union with our Lord when you received Him in Holy Communion? If you are willing, God wants you to begin this oneness now. Reflect upon this powerful imagery from a little child. Allow her experience, including her tears, to teach you and to inspire you to allow your reception of this glorious Sacrament to transform your life. Pray for me, that I may learn from what you experienced and seek to embrace Him ever more deeply in my life.

May Jesus and I truly become one.