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And why? So much so that she created a Facebook page that now boasts an audience of over 7 million.

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  • The Romance of Modern Invention: Containing Interesting Descriptions in Non-Technical Language of Wireless Telegraphy, Liquid Air, Modern Artillery, Submarines, ... Solar Motors, Airships, &c. &c.!
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The year old British blogger who now lives and works in Canada, created the page back in March , while still at university. The next day, the page had 1, likes. The vast collection of cartoons, news snippets, photos and other tidbits all work to make science fun and humorous. Andrew told World News Australia that her aim is to keep the site surprising and entertaining.

But not everyone thinks IFLS is so amazing or funny.


In recent months Andrew has been the target of a barrage of misogynistic comments and other forms of backlash — most of which have nothing to do with science. Popular posts include a cute little representation of hydrophobicity or how kittens illustrate concavity and convexity. It all started when people found out she was, in fact, a woman gasp! Why did that become such a big deal?

Facebook and Instagram Are Banning White Nationalism | The Mary Sue

Because her profile featured a photo. At last for many , the face behind the popular science site was revealed.


Nobody expected what followed. So did all this vitriol cause her to hang up her virtual lab coat? Today, in a long overdue move, Facebook has announced that they will be taking steps to banning white nationalism from their sites. Facebook has announced that it will be banning and removing all hate groups and pages after meeting with academics and civil rights groups.

While the site has always banned white supremacy, it allowed white nationalism and separatist posts that unsurprisingly frequently overlap with white supremacy. The ban comes two weeks after the horrific massacre in Christchurch, New Zealand, where 50 people were murdered.

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The shooter live-streamed his attack on Facebook before the footage was removed. People searching for these terms will be directed to Life After Hate, an organization founded by former violent extremists that provides crisis intervention, education, support groups and outreach. But fighting back against hate groups is a lot harder than simply issuing a proclamation.

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Click here. Retired Navy officer Jim Wright of the liberal blog Stonekettle Station said this week that he was banned by Facebook for speaking out against supporters of the Nazi Party. According to Wright, Facebook banned him for a post in which he spoke out against several Twitter users who were defending the history of the Nazi Party. Stop hanging out with Nazis. Wright has promised that he will not back down if and when Facebook reinstates his account — even if it means he is banned again.

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  3. We F*cking Love Atheism, Major Resource for Non-believers, Shut Down by Facebook?
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