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What fascinates you about the relationship between people and religion? Coming from a theological background I am a religious scholar with a phenomenological perspective. Why the interest in early Germanic culture? Are you still interested in the same topics that inspired you at the beginning of your career? Unlike today, there were hardly any papers published or conferences held. Did you actively follow these developments? How did you become aware of them? Besides that, my students also played a part. In I gave my first lecture at the University of Bonn about the history of Germanic religion.

Religion is a cultural thing and when you are acculturated as a catholic Austrian, like I am, everything else appears a bit strange at first. But from a phenomenological point of view this is all very interesting.

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In contrast to the German-speaking area, the Icelanders have a relatively comprehensive folkloristic tradition. I always asked myself: how did he do this? We know virtually nothing about the old heathen marriage rituals. These developments all are rather recent, at most a hundred years old. In the end, one cannot properly speak of the Germanic heathenism, for in reality there were many different strands of traditions on different local and regional levels. So, does this mean, there was only one kind of such entities in pre-Christian times? With regard to the real gods: yes!

I think there was a much wider range of designations and concepts of otherworldly beings than we know from the Christian or Greco-Roman mythology. The one which all geysirs in the world were named after and who is moreover the second largest on earth. This one erupts reliably every few minutes. Precisely everytime when I had just stopped recording or when the battery of my cellphone or the Osmo had run empty.

But one time, the timing was just perfect! The water started to bubble, I instantly turned on the video and pointed my cellphone right on it. It sounded like a swarm of angry hornets circling our heads. And so we continued driving to the Golden Waterfalls Gullfoss. At sunlight they are said to really shine golden. But dusk was already approaching when we arrived… We definitely have to work on our time management! But even in blue-white the waterfalls were still impressive enough to spend a lot, and I really mean a LOT of time on taking pictures… While Nils and Jan still stood on their first spot, photographing and flying the drone along the canyon, I had already walked all the way down to the water, had made new acquaintances and had even become part of the family-portrait of a huge asian family.

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Empire, Nevada. The Wonder Road aka Doobie Lane, a mile-long strip of dirt road filled with folk art.

Landscape Photography in Iceland - Episode 18 - Geysir and Strokkur

Added by Metric. Gerlach, Nevada. A unique solar-powered pottery studio and gallery in the desert.

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Added by lewblank. Nixon, Nevada. This dry lake bed contains the oldest known petroglyphs in North America. Added by DannyBoy.

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Litchfield, California. Secret Manor, a house full of legends, the least of which is the haunting of long-deceased ladies of pleasure. Added by Rachel. Related Places. Scientists use one of the saltiest bodies of water on Earth as a terrestrial base for studying water on Mars. Added by Kerry Wolfe.

Banyuputih, Indonesia. Think you have a tough job?

4 Must-Visit Geysers in Iceland

Try carrying kilos through a cloud of sulfur down the side of a volcano. Added by Dylan. Cameron, Montana. An apocalyptic seismic event creates a deadly chain reaction that ends with a 6-mile long lake developing within weeks.

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Winslow, Arizona. This 4,foot-diameter diameter hole is touted as "the most well known, best preserved meteorite crater on Earth. Thanks for sharing! Want a Free Book? Stay in Touch!

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