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Why I’ve started practicing gratitude each morning

C apitalize on your strengths. Better be safe than sorry.

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  • 3-D Spinors, Spin-Weighted Functions and their Applications (Progress in Mathematical Physics).
  • Pegasus Came to the Tanaka Family (Japanese Edition).

E veryone counts! Respect others and you will be respected in return.

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H appiness is in your control. J ealousy drains your energy. K eep relationships nurtured.

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Burning bridges can smoke you out. L et it go. If you did your best and had good intentions — let disappointments go.

R est on Sunday. Z eal means fervor for a cause or enthusiastic diligence. Your email address will not be published. F amily is forever. Spend time with them.

I nvest in others and others will invest in you. M ake memories.

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The Guinea Pig Diaries: My Life as an Experiment — A Review

N ever gossip. This holiday season, let our chefs do the cooking! Simply order online, pick up at your local Nugget Markets, then heat, eat and enjoy! Filed under: Side Dishes , Bread.

Nugget Markets Holiday Meals

Brining is a great way to help meat retain its moisture and impart extra flavor. This simple recipe is ideal for your holiday turkey, though you may need to make a double batch depending on the size of your turkey and brining container. Filed under: Desserts , Grains.

Biz Enrich Workshop: 1/18/13

Pure maple syrup and homemade granola take classic pecan pie to the next level.