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The city of Washington was still in a happy mood. The weather was fine, the sky was cloudless, a fresh spring wind was blowing about flags hoisted from many private and government buildings. The war had only ended a few days before, and the whole country continued to celebrate. The theatre party for that evening had been planned by Mrs Lincoln.

The President usually enjoyed going to the theatre and went very often — but this evening he had no wish to go. He had felt very tired all day and looked upset. He finally decided to go, however, because it had been announced in the newspapers that the President would be present at Ford's Theatre. The President and his party arrived at the theatre when the play had already begun.

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“Now He Belongs to the Ages”: The Heroic Leadership Dynamic and Deep Narratives of Greatness

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    Manny in a patent infringement case brought by the McCormick Reaper Company. Stanton snubbed and actually shunned the future president and worked on the case without him. Seward who became Secretary of State. He valued their intellect and the coalition they could help build as he would be faced with guiding our nation through its darkest days.