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Maybe you could try setting aside a whole day just for writing — I know Catherine Caine awesome gal does that, and her work is amazingly full of energy. Your ebook sounds great and probably much-needed! This is good advice. I think I will pick a day and actually leave the house.

21 Tips and Strategies for Writing and Selling Your First eBook

Go to the library or something. I bookmarked this post a few weeks ago while I tested out a few ways to make money. Welcome back, Rose! I am excited about this challenge. But, I am still going to create the E-Book for my future client. I save them for the weekend or when I have time.. Love this, Ali! Small daily habits make huge changes over the long term.

10 steps to making an eBook

Thanks for such practical guidance and good common sense! Ali, your stuff always makes me smile. I publish independently, so each book had to be proofread and formatted, have a cover designed, and all the other bits of creating a book from scratch. But the single biggest reason I got this done was because I chose to ship instead of worrying about the myriad reasons this was an insane idea.

If you have the chutzpah and smarts to operate your own business, you have what it takes to deliver a solid, worthwhile ebook in 30 days. Thanks, Joel! Publishing 6 books in 6 months is an amazing achievement — wow! I know just how much work goes into proofreading, formatting, etc — so huge congrats to you and to your wife.

Next month, I will write a word eBook. By , I will have writteny first eBook—on a topic both dear to my heart and poignantly relevant to my community as well as the world at large! My ebook is about working from home. What comes first? The blog or the ebook? Any comments would be appreciated.

Can anyone write an ebook?

Focus on writing the ebook first, then worry about marketing and selling after that. In few months of blogging, I found out one of the best strategies to make your blogging business more successful as possible is ebook marketing, in which I was searching now on certain tips on how to make a highly created e-book. I have a great idea now on how to make my own ebook! I found this post while searching for information on how to create an eBook.

How to Write an EBook Step-By-Step

I was feeling a little overwhelmed until I came across your post. I am starting immediately!

13 Useful Software’s Help You to Create Your First E-book

Kindle and Nook users are used to having access to a table of contents and other built-in tools which are part of those formats. Some ebooks are just. If you do want to create Kindle. But in a hurry one day, I experimented with doing it the easy way. I was simultaneously dismayed and glad that it works. From what you both seem to saying this conversion can be done quite easily and, the premise that without these offers the end result could be poor formatting that turns readers off, is not a likely one after all.

Am I right? As Ali has emphasized, the code can use a little cleanup, and you should always preview on a real Kindle or Nook, not just on the preview tools those formats provide. And keep asking questions because if you can do this stuff yourself, you take even more control of the process. Either doing it yourself or hiring help is valid; it depends how comfortable you are with things like HTML code and using new software programs.

I spent quite a while figuring out how to get things right when I did my first few ebooks into. There are plenty of people offering services to convert documents for you; like Joel says, the best use of that is probably to just get someone else to sort it all out for you, rather than to pay for a half-way service. Take care! But it seems likely there are people in your life, yes? First sort out why you want to write something, then sort out where your audience might be, then go ask them, in person, what would help them.

Hang out at the Chamber of Commerce or a local small biz networking mixer. Get to know people. Ask what they need. Joel, I did not mean to offend. My interest with this blog focuses on topic research and developing content. I have noted your comments and will consider them as I move forward. Thank you.

That way, at least you have a website folks can visit, a place they can leave comments, and a way to interact with your intended audience. Really I am. Joel, I have to say you humanized yourself to me with your words of kindness and I sincerely appreciate it. I can tell you are a nice person by your response. I agree, sometimes emails, text, etc. I made a note of your suggestions and as I move forward in my efforts to learn how to write an ebook I will remember your recommendations.

Hi Jennifer! Feedback from contacts in an area or industry that you want to write about will be invaluable. I appreciate your comments but are you saying an ebook only works if you have an online presence?

How to Sell Your First 25,000 eBooks

You could have a blog started five minutes from now, and by the time your ebook is ready in 30 days, you could have a dozen posts on it for your ebook readers to comment on and connect with. For me, blogging, email lists, and Twitter have been hugely useful marketing tools. Thanks, I get your point.

Using online connections for researching topics for an ebook and using those connections to market the ebook seems plausible to me. I appreciate your insightful feedback. Great article! I just finished two eBooks recently. My suggestion is that you start to write short eBooks about 30 pages. It is a lot easier to accomplish. Once you have done it, you will be motivated to write more. Having an outline will definitely make your writing task easy to manage.

All it takes is discipline, commitment, structure, and organization. You may have to disappoint people. Great posting — and very timely. I came across NaNoWriMo a couple of years ago. I am already getting ideas together for this November — which is coming round all too quickly! My experience is that, with determination, a 50, novel can be roughly knocked out in the month but then begins the longer task of editing and refining — but a great spur to getting something concrete out at least once a year.

Thanks Geoff — and congratulations on the fruits of your last two NaNos!