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You should acknowledge your failure. Usted debe aprender a contenerse.

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You should learn to restrain yourself. Can you imagine me making a cake? Debes aprender a obedecer instrucciones. You must learn to obey instructions. You are guilty of murder. No tienes que ir a la fiesta si no quieres. You don't have to go to the party unless you want to.


You are really full of curiosity, aren't you? Tienes que entregar los reportes el lunes.

La enzima de la inmortalidad retratada por primera vez

You have to turn in the reports on Monday. You should do the honorable thing and resign. You are the master of your own destiny. You are wearing your socks inside out. You are in need of a holiday. Rompiste la regla. You broke the rule. Ordena tu pupitre un poco. Clear up your desk a bit. You look pale. You had better lie down in bed at once. Do you plan to go abroad?

What do you want now? You seem to be thinking of something else. Do you belong to any clubs? You are not a coward. Did you try to review the English lessons? I think you'll have very little difficulty in getting a driver's license.

You're still too young to get a driver's license. You are tallest.

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  • Realmente eres un trabajador dedicado. You're really a hard worker. Have you solved all the problems yet?

    Dracula (Spanish Edition)

    Ahora eres un adulto. You are now an adult. Now you've come of age, you have the right to vote. You are not a child any more. You're not old enough to get a driver's license. How tall you are! How kind you are! You must consider what kind of work you want to do. Eres muy valiente. You are very brave. Eres muy afortunado de tener tales amigos. You are very fortunate that you have such friends.

    Are you in favor of the workers getting more money? You are responsible for the result. Are you planning to take part in the meeting?

    Números en texto completo

    You will be delayed for only thirty minutes at worst. You aren't a spy, are you? You'll get well soon. You've drunk three cups of coffee. Not only you but also I was involved. You will catch cold. Eres igualito a tu hermano mayor. You look just like your big brother. Aren't you happy? Eres libre de marcharte cuando quieras. You are at liberty to leave any time.

    Siempre llevas una corbata extravagante. You are always wearing a loud necktie. Siempre dudas de mi palabra. You are always doubting my word. Some day you will have to reap the harvest of your own sowing. Eres un travieso. You are naughty. I would rather you had a day off. Your summary is not up to par. I know your name. Your dream will come true some day.

    Tienes un pulso regular. You have a regular pulse. Por favor, dale mis saludos a tu padre. Please give my regards to your father. Tu cabello se ve realmente descuidado. Your hair really does look untidy.

    The Spanish woman who has managed to portray the enzyme of immortality

    Your problem is similar to mine. Check your answer with his. Tu respuesta es de todo menos perfecta. Your answer is anything but perfect.