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Luckily, I was able to lay back on the pillow and fall asleep. When I woke up, the feeling was gone as if it had never happened, and we spent another amazing five months together before I moved to Ithaca. I felt estranged equally from him and from myself, and unlike at other times, the feeling persisted, so for a while, my skin felt like an ill-fitting pair of clothes. I kept seeing him, though, and the more distant I felt from myself, the more I longed for him, as if only by being close to him — this foreign, icy object — could I return to my own body as well.

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What is this distance that comes twinned with intimacy, and how can we know when to trust those feelings, and when to wait for them to subside? Ethiopia Saluting the Colors. Not Youth Pertains to Me. Race of Veterans. World Take Good Notice.

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O Tan-Faced Prairie-Boy. Leaves of Grass Delicate Cluster. To a Certain Civilian. Lo, Victress on the Peaks. Adieu to a Soldier. Turn O Libertad. O Captain! My Captain! This Dust Was Once the Man. As Consequent, Etc. The Return of the Heroes. There Was a Child Went Forth. Old Ireland. The City Dead-House.

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This Compost. Unnamed Land. Song of Prudence. The Singer in the Prison. Warble for Lilac-Time. Outlines for a Tomb [G. To Him That Was Crucified. You Felons on Trial in Courts. Laws for Creations. To a Common Prostitute. I Was Looking a Long While.

Leaves of Grass Miracles. Sparkles from the Wheel. To a Pupil. What Am I After All. Who Learns My Lesson Complete? The Torch. O Star of France []. The Ox-Tamer. Wandering at Morn.

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With All Thy Gifts. My Picture-Gallery. The Prairie States. Proud Music of the Storm. Prayer of Columbus. Darest Thou Now O Soul. Whispers of Heavenly Death. Chanting the Square Deific. Yet, Yet, Ye Downcast Hours. Quicksand Years. That Music Always Round Me. What Ship Puzzled at Sea. O Living Always, Always Dying. To One Shortly to Die. Night on the Prairies.

The Last Invocation. As I Watch the Ploughman Ploughing. Pensive and Faltering.

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Thou Mother with Thy Equal Brood. A Paumanok Picture. Thou Orb Aloft Full-Dazzling. The Mystic Trumpeter. Leaves of Grass To a Locomotive in Winter. O Magnet-South. Leaves of Grass Mannahatta. All Is Truth.

TO A STRANGER. ( Leaves of Grass ()) - The Walt Whitman Archive

A Riddle Song. Ah Poverties, Wincing, and Sulky Retreats. Weave in, My Hardy Life. Spain, Old War-Dreams. Thick-Sprinkled Bunting. Leaves of Grass A Clear Midnight. As the Time Draws Nigh. Years of the Modern. Ashes of Soldiers. Thoughts VI. Song at Sunset.