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Welcome back. Guns, drugs, affairs, death, mannequins and madness ensued as the band attempted to fuse their style with the work of an esteemed madman. All the while the band was shooting the Roger Corman b-movie Rock 'n' Roll High School and burning the candle at both ends.

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The result is the misunderstood classic, End of the Century. I knew squat about the Ramones, but now I have to go get this Spector album and the Corman flick and find out what I might be missing.

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Dee Dee's bipolar disorder and repeated relapses into drug addiction also caused significant strains. Template:Listen The Ramones' loud, fast, straightforward musical style was influenced by pop music that the band members grew up listening to in the s and s, including classic rock groups such as the Beach Boys , the Who , the Beatles , the Kinks , Led Zeppelin , the Rolling Stones and Creedence Clearwater Revival ; bubblegum acts like the Fruitgum Company and Ohio Express ; and girl groups such as the Ronettes and the Shangri-Las.

Everything was long jams, long guitar solos We missed music like it used to be. As leaders in the punk rock scene, the Ramones' music has usually been identified with that label, [1] while some have defined their characteristic style more specifically as pop punk [] and others as power pop.

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On stage, the band adopted a focused approach directly intended to increase the audience's concert experience. Johnny's instructions to C. Johnny was not a fan of guitarists who performed facing their drummer, amplifier, or other band members. The Ramones' art and visual imagery complemented the themes of their music and performance.

The members adopted a uniform look of long hair, leather jackets, T-shirts, torn jeans, and sneakers. This fashion emphasized minimalism — a powerful influence on the New York punk scene of the s — and reflected the band's short, simple songs.

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  • I was a big Mad magazine fan myself. Vega, a longtime friend, had allowed Joey and Dee Dee to move into his loft. To me, they reflected the American character in general—an almost childish innocent aggression I thought, 'The Great Seal of the President of the United States' would be perfect for the Ramones, with the eagle holding arrows—to symbolize strength and the aggression that would be used against whomever dares to attack us—and an olive branch, offered to those who want to be friendly.

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    But we decided to change it a little bit. Instead of the olive branch, we had an apple tree branch, since the Ramones were American as apple pie. And since Johnny was such a baseball fanatic, we had the eagle hold a baseball bat instead of the [Great Seal]'s arrows. The arrowheads on the shield came from a design on a polyester shirt Vega had bought. Over the years the names in the border would change as the band's line-up fluctuated.

    A lot of the kids wearing that shirt might not even have heard of the Ramones' music.

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    I guess if you have the shirt, your curiosity might bring you to buy the music. Whatever, it is a strange phenomenon. The Ramones had a broad and lasting influence on the development of popular music. Music historian Jon Savage writes of their debut album that "it remains one of the few records that changed pop forever. The Ramones' debut album had an outsized effect relative to its modest sales.

    According to Generation X bassist Tony James , "Everybody went up three gears the day they got that first Ramones album. Punk rock—that rama-lama super fast stuff—is totally down to the Ramones. Bands were just playing in an MC5 groove until then. The next night, members of both bands attended the Ramones' gig at the Dingwall's club. Are you in a band? We call ourselves the Clash but we're not good enough. Just get out there and do it. The seminal hardcore band Bad Brains took its name from a Ramones song.

    The Ramones also influenced musicians associated with other genres, such as heavy metal.

    Phil Spector

    Their influence on metal gave birth to the punk-metal "fusion" genre of thrash. Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett , one of the originators of thrash guitar, has described the importance of Johnny's rapid-fire guitar playing style to his own musical development. The band members were also individually influential. They never played arenas; couldn't sell them out. It was a failed band. It doesn't mean they weren't great. It means the masses didn't care.

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    Kevin Morby 's fourth album City Music features the track "" inspired by the singer's childhood love of Ramones. The Song Ramones the Same , which came out the following year, includes performances by the Dictators , who were part of the early New York punk scene, and Wayne Kramer , guitarist for the influential protopunk band MC5. When Johnny Ramone heard it, he refused to put it on the tribute album. Lemmy and I thought we did a good version. Shonen Knife , an all-woman trio band from Osaka, Japan, was formed in as a direct result of founder-lead singer-guitarist Naoko Yamano 's instant infatuation with the music of the Ramones.

    In , to observe the band's 30th anniversary, Shonen Knife released Osaka Ramones , which featured thirteen Ramones songs covered by the band.

    The Ramones, Phil Spector and End of the Century

    There are also many other tribute albums listed on Jari-Pekka Laitio-Ramone's site. Template:Authority control. Sign In Don't have an account?